Filling Gaps

Hi Everyone! Wow. I just realized that the last time I was here I made a cardigan! You would think that I could at least try to be more original. The thing is, it's May. Me Made May is in full swing and come hell or high water....I was gonna be prepared this year! So … Continue reading Filling Gaps

The Lace Tee (+ Tips & Tricks for sewing yours!)

About a month ago, I blogged a list of my favorite lace garments (complete with fabric and pattern suggestions to make them!). I even scratched my "must-sew-something-with-lace" itch with an off-shoulder lace top. But I just couldn't get the idea of a plum medallion lace tee shirt out of my head. This was *not* your grandma's curtain lace. … Continue reading The Lace Tee (+ Tips & Tricks for sewing yours!)