More Tencel Denim! The Jalie Vanessa Pants

Jalie Vanessa Pants

There must have been something in the water lately, because THREE Cali bloggers have projects with this tencel denim in June! I think it’s neat that you’ll get to see the same fabric used in different ways – and Cali has several other Tencel denims in stock now, including black and light blue.  You already saw my Winslow Culottes and now I’m back with the new Jalie Vanessa Fluid Pants.

Jalie Vanessa Pants

These are a loose jogger-style pant with an elastic waist. I’ve been wanting to try this style of pant for a few years, and I’m glad I finally have! They are loose and comfy, but they sure do feel strange to wear after years of skinny jeans. Mine turns out baggier than the pattern samples, so I think next time I’ll size down and do a full-butt adjustment to add volume just where I need it!

Jalie Vanessa Pants

Along with the Jalie joggers, I also sewed a Jalie 3245 tank! The fabric I used is a lovely mid-weight rayon knit from Cali… but it seems to be sold out! Not to worry, they have lots of other good knits to chose from. The knit started out as navy-on-cream… but I tossed it in with the tencel in my second pre-wash, and next thing I knew, I had blue-on-blue. Let’s pretend it’s fashionably monochromatic, ok?

Jalie Vanessa Pants

Lesson learned – prewash the tencel denim with dark colours, use a colour catcher, or toss in something you’d like to dye indigo! 

How is your summer sewing going? Have you tried out any flowy pant patterns to get you through the humid months?


6 thoughts on “More Tencel Denim! The Jalie Vanessa Pants

  1. RED says:

    Great outfit! I need to get on this tencel denim pant trend! Love the tank, too – I made a Hemlock out of the same fabric and it’s sooo comfy. 🙂


  2. Becky says:

    They look good! And I guess I accidentally have a plan for Sewcialists Tribute Month now, since it’ll probably take me a month to finish these at my current sewing pace! 😀


    • gilliancrafts says:

      Hahaha – perfect! I swear, as soon as I announced that theme month, I realised that almost everything I sew is actually a tribute to *someone*!


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