Modal Wrap Dress


I’m back, with more modal jersey! (Here’s my last post.) This time I sewed Cashmerette’s Appleton Wrap Dress. I’ve made it several times before: as a pattern tester in rayon knit, then in Japanese-inspired polyester ITY,  a maxi sleeveless version this summer, and one for my sister in rayon bird knit! This one is actually for my sister too – but we’re almost the same size, so I’m modelling it today.


As I mentioned in my pervious post, Cali has lots of great colours in this fabric. This time I used the Slate Blue. It’s buttery soft on the outside, with about 20% two-way stretch. It’s 45% polyester and 55% modal. It sewed up nicely, and the dress took 2 hours to make!


Modal offers a beautiful texture and drape. Unfortunately, it’s not a fabric that will hide what’s underneath, so you can see the outline of my undergarments and slip quite clearly! That’s ok though – it’s just the nature of things. (And the reason why I sew prints most often for myself!)


Top marks to the pattern – it was quite windy while I took these photos, and no matter what direction I faced, I didn’t end up with any photos where the wrap skirt was blowing open!

sleeve square.jpg

I think this colour is lovely – and actually, it’s very close to the colour of my sister’s childhood bedroom! She’s a prolific knitter and had lots of handmade lace shawls, so I picture her wearing this dress with cosy wool in winter, and strappy sandals in summer!

Have you used modal before? What would you make with it? 

Gillian is a teacher, cat lady, and colour-fanatic, and blogs at .

4 thoughts on “Modal Wrap Dress

    • gilliancrafts says:

      It’s all about the machine! I use a cover stitch machine, and it gives a reliable nice finish every time. Before I had it, hems were much more of a headache!


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