Tee for Two

As I was doing my daughters back to school shopping I ran into 2 different t-shirts that I just loved! And I knew I could easily recreate the look. And who doesn’t love being able to sew clothes for their kids that is both trendy and well made?

The first one I found at Children’s Place and I loved the chiffon ruffle attached to the top.


I used the Swiss Army Tee from New Horizons because it had the same shoulder inserts as the tee. Plus I love that it can be made with a mixture of wovens and knits. I used this crazy soft rayon jersey that feels like butter! I just wanted to wrap myself up with it the entire time I was sewing this shirt. And this beautiful chiffon for the skirt that really helped add a girly touch to the top.


My little girl definitely approves!


The second top I saw was at Old Navy. Lace really seems to be popular this season and I loved the color blocking they were using on several of their shirts.


For this shirt I used the Suburban Basic Tee. I wanted a slimmer fit so I sized down one and then added an inch in length. I also color blocked the front and added 4″ to the front width on the fold. From there I gathered the front to match the top of the tee. This gave it a fun flowy look. The pink stretch lace I used was great to work with! It was stable enough not to be a pain but still have fantastic stretch. And the pink jersey I used on the main bodice was also extremely soft!


For both shirts I used a handy little cheater trick on the hemming. I pressed the hem and then I used a glue stick to hold the fabric in place so it wouldn’t move while I was hemming the shirt. I know glue sticks aren’t for sewing, but they’re fantastic because they wash out completely. Now don’t roll your eyes at me, just remember that next time you want a perfect hem and can’t find any knit stay tape, grab a glue stick!

Thanks for joining my adventure in sewing for my girly girl. Maybe next I’ll try something for my light saber obsessed boys.

Terra Jennings from New Horizons.

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