Hi! I’m Margo

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Hi Everyone! I’m Margo. Sewing is my passion and I share my journey of creating a handmade wardrobe on my blog Creating In The Gap. I live on the beautiful east coast of Canada with my favorite people…aka..my husband and grown kiddos…close by.

I started sewing at the age of four…(I caught the bug early!)…sewing buttons on every scrap of fabric I could find. I continued to sew crafty things like pillows, purses etc. and then I learned about clothing patterns in my teens. That was a key turning point for me. Learning to sew clothing has allowed me to satisfy my inner fashionista…I love to try it all, from vintage to trendy and by sewing it myself, I can tailor it to my own tastes and play designer.

I’m excited to be a part of the family at Cali Fabrics. I look forward to sharing my passion for sewing with the amazing sewing community here and I know that I will also be inspired by the wonderful things that will be made with Cali fabrics.

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One thought on “Hi! I’m Margo

  1. danvillegirl says:

    I started sewing early also,4 or 5. My grandmother gave me a Singer Sewing Machine that was miniature of a Singer machines of the 1950’s. I sewed a quilt for a doll bed. I inherited the sewing genes from her. I still have that sewing machine and probably should post on about on my blog someday.


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